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XI Pricing Options

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XI is currently fine-tuning how readers will purchase the quarterly. Below are four possible options, and we’d love your feedback on which you’d prefer.

4 Responses to “XI Pricing Options”

  1. Tom Dunmore

    Robbie – we are looking into various iPad options. At the least, an ePub version will be available that will work on the iPad. Print is XI’s number one focus, but we do want to make attractive digital editions available as well.

  2. Steve

    What price are you expecting for print and digital? Any thoughts on The Blizzard’s name-your-price approach while in brand-establishment mode?

  3. Tom Dunmore

    Steve – pricing details will be released soon. Print will be a bit costlier than digital, but both will be affordable. The Blizzard’s model is an interesting one, but we will be using fixed pricing. We’ll be encouraging subscriptions with a discounted rate over buying single issues.


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