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Interview with Issue #1 Contributor and Editor Tom Dunmore

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In issue one of XI, Tom Dunmore is writing about the storied history of Howard University’s soccer team. Dunmore’s piece explores how soccer has been a tool for Howard to do outreach to the black diaspora, bringing in players for its team from various parts of the world. It also examines how the success of Howard was often a challenge to the college soccer system, which responded by putting up barriers to marginalize the historically black university, barriers that Howard’s teams have often overcome.

Tom Dunmore is the author of the Historical Dictionary of Soccer and edited The Very Best of Pitch Invasion, a collection of 39 essays by soccer writers around the world. Tom runs the soccer website Pitch Invasion and is the former Chairman of Section 8 Chicago, the Chicago Fire’s Independent Supporters’ Association. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. He is an editor of XI.

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