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XI Quarterly Issue OneXI is a North American soccer quarterly, produced with an emphasis on its print edition. Each issue investigates a single aspect of the culture of soccer in eleven eclectic and thoughtful ways. Long-form essays, interviews, photography, graphic arts and other forms help tell the unique story of soccer in North America. XI offers the time and space for insightful, original contributions by people who see soccer not just as a sport, but as part of society. XI is an independent, reader-supported publication.

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Why XI?

Cal FC

In soccer that each team has 11 players is universal truth, as natural as a pair of eyeglasses having two lenses. The number 11 expresses soccer’s essence as collaboration; around the world, supporters refer to their national teams or favorite club sides as “The Eleven.” Each issue of XI is similarly a collaboration. The editors select their ideal “side,” including eleven samplings on the topic. Like the team huddled for the ritual pre-match photograph, each issue features eleven elements, working in concert to speak to a theme unique to soccer in North America.

The XI Team

  • Tom DunmoreTom Dunmore is the author of a Historical Dictionary of Soccer and edited the Very Best of Pitch Invasion, a collection of 39 essays by soccer writers around the world. Tom runs the soccer website Pitch Invasion and is the former Chairman of Section 8 Chicago, the Chicago Fire’s Independent Supporters’ Association. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.

  • David KeyesDavid Keyes is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on the growth of youth soccer in the United States and relations between immigrant and non-immigrant communities as seen through the sport. He was previously the editor of the website Culture of Soccer.

  • Joseph Liam Murtaugh is based in London. Originally from Chicago, he is the principal designer at NO GRAND, a creative agency. First working in the United States, he has since conducted projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. He does not look like Alexi Lalas.